Thursday, July 21, 2011

the finer things in life

Kelab bola terkemuka menang tipis.

Anak kecil dalam busana rasmi pasukan nasional. Air muka penuh bangga sambil melangkah ke tadika, sambil di pimpin neneknya.

Langkah terhenti sebentar. Menoleh. Oh, datuk masih terkapai-kapai. Menggigil tongkatnya, perlahan-lahan kaki selangkah demi selangkah, terketar-ketar.

Dan anak kecil tadi yang masih bangga dalam busana rasmi pasukan nasional tadi memimpin pula datuknya.

What a scene to witness, on a Friday morning.

Now that's what you call, the finer things in life.

Not a thousand dollar bag.

Not the latest gadgets, iPhones or iPads.

Or a half million dollar car. Not even a million dollar one.

or a 3 billion dollar yacht

gold and platinum plated! ada tulang T-Rex tadi. but what's the point?
just because you have the ongkos ek. 

It is the little things, that we tend to take for granted. Like the scene earlier. 

And we may wonder if that rich anonymous Malaysian businessman have someone dear to hold his hand when he's as frail as that atuk, eh?